Van Pamel Lawn Sprinkling


Winterize Your System:

We can winterize your sprinkler system to ensure it is done properly.  This will keep costs down in the spring.


We can provide you quality service when installing a new sprinkler system for your yard.  It will maintain a healthy lawn and is getting the most efficient water level.   You can sit back and enjoy watching your lawn and flowers thrive with little worries.

Installing a system will also increase the value of your home and decrease your water bill.  We have the experience and knowledge  to help you design the most cost effective sprinkler system for your home.  We can help you understand and teach you how to use your new system.

Cost-Saving Myth:

A lower hourly rate doesn't save you money if a one hour job takes someone two to three hours to do.

Spring Turn On / Tune Up:

We can provide you just a water turn on in the spring or we can tune up your system by checking the following items:

  • Check the soil to ensure your system is ready to be turned on.
  • Check the controller, clean, check settings, replace battery back up
  • Check for obstruction  of dirt and debris from the sprinkler heads
  • Check for wear and tear and replace broken or worn pipes and nozzles
  • Check  valves for leakage
  • Check Surge open slowly when restoring water to avoid system damage from pressure surge
  • Check water pressure to ensure guidelines are met


Other Services:  

We can design your sprinkler coverage to meet your needs. Due to varieties in plant and flower needs, your landscaping beds may need to have areas that are anywhere from shaded to sunny, or low and wet to high and dry.

If you need a contractor to do your landscaping we can help you with that as well. We only do business with good, honest companies that we have worked with. We can oversee your landscaping project to ensure you are getting quality workmanship.  

Other Services:

  • Drainage System/Wet Area Solutions 
  • Plant Replacements
  • Plumbing Issues
  • Finding Leaks Indoors/Outdoors
  • Brick Pavers and Patio's
  • Cement Tear Out /Adding New Additions
  • Sub-pump back up Pumps
  • Master Plumber available