Landscaping Myth: 

Fertilizer does NOT make your grass green, it makes it grow.

From the owner:

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Landscaping Myth: ​

The best time to water your lawn is NOT late afternoon or evening to prevent fungi.

I have always used  quality  products like Rainbird or Febco just to name a few. In my experience, I have found the long-term cost is often cheaper when using quality products coupled with an expert installation, whether on a new sprinkler system or just revamping the existing system.

We can handle your irrigation project from start to finish.  For installations we can design your yard to provide the best results for your lawn and bushes. Whatever your needs are we can help you get the results, quality and workmanship you are looking for.  Call us today to get your project started. 

We have been a family owned business for over thirty years. Being raised in a family of eight, my parents taught us to be honest, respect others and have good work ethics. At the age of twelve I worked along side my father who was a plumber by trade.  At an early age I was taught to do things the right way or don't do it at all.  We have always treated our customers with respect, and always helped our customers in any way we can.

This may include making the right decision in finding a contractor to do other projects they may need done outside our scope, looking over other estimates they have received, and any other way we can help them make choices for the long-term beauty of their home.   I have worked with many contractors over the years and have supervised projects for customers to ensure they are getting a good job.  I also have given referrals to help find good, honest contractors for your inside and outside projects.